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In Restoring Earth, Field Museum scientists share the places and passion that drive their work. Click the videos below to hear their stories and share them with friends.


Rapid action and long-term stewardship help protect forests vital to our health and the planet's.
Rapid inventories put science into action
Crafting a living from the forest


To better protect reef communities, Field Museum scientists must uncover hidden biodiversity.
What is a healthy reef worth?
Collecting is part of conservation
What causes coral bleaching?
The impact of CO2 on coral reefs


Conserving island habitats protects plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.
Climate change has species on the move
Discovering new Philippine mammals
Madagascar's conservation heroes
Why are island species unique?
Why protect mossy forests?


Communities past and present show how positive change is possible when we work together.
Volunteering--good clean fun
Making a wild idea grow
Our food and the planet's health
What will Chicago's climate future be?
Lessons from an ancient civilization


The Field Museum's 24 million specimens and artifacts hold crucial clues for protecting Earth's diversity for the future.
Museum collections: a library of life

Chicago Region

Scientists and volunteers team up to reconnect and restore native habitats - and enhance our quality of life.
Bringing back the prairie
A green network
Fire + Floods: nature rebuilds